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Artist Alley Tips for Your First Con: Part 2 – Planning Your Setup

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Artist Alley Tips Part 2: Planning Your Table Setup

Welcome to my second installment of Artist Alley Tips for Your First Con! If you missed part one, you can read all about how to prep before the show here

Part Two is all about planning your Artist Alley table setup!

Depending on the convention, there are a few factors to remember during your planning process:

  • How big your table is
  • How high you're allowed to build
  • How much space you have to work with behind the table
  • What kind of products (and how many different variations) you plan to bring

When I was planning out my first convention, I was traveling from San Diego to Long Beach, which is about 2.5 hours away, and couldn't lug too much in my small car, ON TOP of bringing overnight belongings and two helpers along.

So my biggest priorities for my table configuration planning were: portability, cost, and ease of setup.

I scoured sooo many blogs from other Artist Alley artists to see what they did and what worked for them. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I'd do a standard metal grid setup.


  1. Total cost to get everything I needed was less than $100
  2. It was easy to put together and put away (I did a few test runs after I got everything together to see how long it'd take)
  3. When I broke everything down, it could easily fit in a 22" x 12" x 12" plastic bin. 

It was simple & easy. Perfect for a first timer!

Kimposed Artist Alley Setup at LBCE

Here's my supply list, if you'd like to replicate it:

Basic Setup (~$84)

Zip Ties (Amazon, ~$6)
Mini Binder Clips (Amazon ~$7)
Portfolio Display Book (Amazon, $~9)
Tabletop Card Spinner (Displays To Go, ~$28)
Tabletop Spinner

All of the decorations I either already had from previous craft shows, or made! 

Want more con advice? Be on the lookout for my next article: Artist Alley Tips for Your First Con: Part 3 – What To Pack


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