Let me introduce myself

Hi, I'm Kim! Kimposed is a creative studio that was created to capture the journey of exploring our creative side: making art, trying new mediums, learning new tools, and developing an art style.

As I explore my own creative and small business journey, my goal is to share all of the obstacles, learnings, and insights to other creatives who are looking to start theirs.

Hey there, friends.

Although I currently reside in Seattle, Washington, my story begins in San Diego, California.

Continue onword if you're looking to read more about my creative journey, but if you're looking for the...

TLDR: I've been creative my entire life. I work in marketing, but use this channel as an outlet for my creativity and to help other creatives get off the ground in building their first-ever art business!

If you want to go way back, my story begins when I was just a toddler who took to drawing still lifes on whiteboards, using fruit baskets as inspiration (I know there's a photo in existent for proof, but have had some trouble finding it).

Fast forward to high school: I took every possible art class I could get my hands on. The most notable was AP Studio Art, where I built my first art portfolio. I decided I needed to go to art school. The crazy thing is, I never applied.

It wasn't realistic or stable - or that's what everyone told me. So instead, my 17-year-old self took my parents' advice to pursue a business marketing degree. I put my head down, and did what I needed to do to graduate, and find myself a big girl job. It wasn't until I was well into my marketing career that I realized that I hadn't picked up a paintbrush in over 7 years! Insanity!

It was then that I knew I had to make a change. I had to be creative again. Kimposed was born!

It has been a wild ride since my launch in 2016, and I've made a TON of mistakes along the way. My mission is to inspire other artists and creatives (who might have also sidelined their creative side, or simply want to give it a try) to proactively pursue their passions and get a head-start on their journey through the lessons that I've picked up on mine.

The Highlights