Kim Nguyen



Hey there, friends! 

Obviously, from the name, you could already guess my name is Kim. I’m a born and raised San Diegan who now resides in Seattle, Washington.

I love anything that tickles my creative side, from photography to hand lettering to watercolor to block printing.

My Story

If you want to go way back, my story begins when I was just a mere toddler who liked to draw still life on whiteboards, using fruit baskets as inspiration.

Fast forward to high school, and I took every possible art class I could get my hands on. The most notable was AP Studio Art, where I built a full portfolio, and decided I needed to go to art school. The crazy thing is, I never applied.

It wasn't realistic or stable, or that's what everyone told me. So instead, my 17-year-old self took my parents' sound advice to pursue a business marketing degree. It wasn't until I was well into my marketing career that I realized that I hadn't picked up a paintbrush in over 7 years! Insanity!

It was then that I knew I had to make a change. I had to be creative again. Kimposed was born!

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My Mission

My mission is to inspire you to pursue your dreams as well, whether it's in the creative field or not! I hope to be able to facilitate a safe community where artists can come together, be vulnerable, learn, and grow.

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