The Best Watercolor Tools to Purchase (Without Breaking the Bank)

The Best Watercolor Tools to Purchase (Without Breaking the Bank)

Interested in learning how to paint using watercolors? This new skill doesn't need to break the bank.

Over the years, I've purchased and tested a wide array of different papers, brushes, and paints, but I've found that there are a few products that I keep returning to. They're not only great to work with, but affordable. 


The type of paper that you use for your paintings is arguably the most important investment to consider for a successful painting. I recommend using any cold-pressed watercolor paper that is greater than 120lbs, but here are a few of my favorite brands:

For super special paintings (ones that take a little more planning, and not for doodling), I recommend purchasing Arches cold-pressed watercolor paper. Every. Single. Time. In most cases I opt for the 300lb paper from Arches (especially if I'm planning on splurging anyway).




With brushes for watercolor paintings, you will want to find something that will not only retain water, but also maintain a sharp tip. I'm OBSESSED with the Princeton Heritage Synthetic Sable watercolor brushes. I've purchased both cheaper and more expensive brushes of varying hair types, and I still favor this set of brushes over any other choice. You will not be disappointed. 


If you're looking for a travel set for on-the-go watercolor paintings, the Kolinksky Travel watercolor brushes are worth the purchase. It even comes with a travel case!


Finally, the paint. If you're just starting out, this Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolor palette is perfect. If you prefer to paint with the watercolor tubes, Daniel Smith's Mixing Set is also an excellent choice. 

With a little bit of color mixing, either one of these paint options are all you need to be successful. They will also last for an eternity! Even as a regular painter, I can take months, if not years, to finish an entire pan or tube.



Final Thoughts

The only other tools I recommend having with you as you start painting are:

  • Water cups (I like to use old jars)
  • A paper towel
  • A pencil

That's it. Happy painting! Please tag me @kimposed in your creations - I love seeing new artists explore this medium.

*Note: I do get a portion on all purchases made through the Amazon links in this article, which help fund my art supplies and small business. Please do not feel obligated to purchase any of the products I recommend.

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Best Watercolor Tools to Purchase (That's Also Affordable)  The Best Watercolor Tools that Don't Break the Bank
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