StickerApp vs Sticker Mule? Which Sticker Company is Better?

StickerApp vs Sticker Mule? Which Sticker Company is Better?

I used to make my sticker inventory at home using a Cricut machine (read my other blog Materials You Need to Make Waterproof Vinyl Stickers at Home if you're interested in that), but once I built up enough volume in orders, cutting stickers one sheet at a time took way too much time, energy, and effort. That's when I had to turn to custom sticker manufacturing companies to help me outsource this effort, making hundreds of stickers at a time, rather than 6.

It's now been several years since I have been purchasing stickers in bulk for Kimposed, and I have tested multiple companies along the way. Two companies have stood out amongst the rest has been Sticker Mule and Sticker App (see what other sticker companies I tested in this blog).

But which sticker manufacturer is better? 

Before I dive in, the TL;DR version of this article: The ultimate choice for die cut waterproof vinyl stickers, and the most consistent sticker manufacturer I use for my business is Sticker Mule. However, if you're looking for more materials to choose from, StickerApp may be the way to go!

Sticker Mule vs StickerApp thickness

Pros for Sticker Mule

  • Their stickers are made of noticeably thicker vinyl material than StickerApp. I also prefer the velvety-soft, matte finish of Sticker Mule stickers, over the plasticky, glossy finish of StickerApp's. 

  • There's a low minimum (with a minimum of 10, in multiples of 10). StickerApp has a minimum of 25, but if you want a custom quantity you have to order at least 55.

  • Sticker Mule provides a pre-edited mockup image of your sticker that you can download for product listings. StickerApp does not have this downloadable feature, despite having an editor tool.

  • Sticker Mule offers bulk discounts when you buy multiple designs, and often offers regular deals and promotions for their product lines, giving you the opportunity to save often.

  • They also have a solid referral program, where for every new customer you refer, you receive a $10 credit! I've looked into whether StickerApp offers anything similar, and they dont.

  • Looking to expand to other products? Sticker Mule also prints magnets, buttons, shipping tape, shirts and more.

Custom Stickers, Die Cut Stickers, Bumper Stickers - Sticker Mule 

Pros for StickerApp

  • In a side by side comparison shown below, StickerApp's sticker print quality is much brighter and photographs better than StickerMule's sticker.

  • StickerApp's price per sticker in lower quantities are much more cost efficient than Sticker Mule's pricing. In bulk quantities, pricing is very comparable between both brands. 

  • StickerApp provides far more sticker material options than Sticker Mule if you're looking to experiment, such as Glitter Sticker, Mirror Stickers, Prismatic Sticker, Brushed Aluminum, and more.

  • StickerApp has a native sticker editor tool that allows you to design different colored borders, add text, and even adjust the thickness of the border of your sticker designs. StickerMule does not have this feature, but you can always request these changes through notes to their designers.

  • This same editor tool also allows you to print on the back paper of your stickers. This gives you the ability to add your logo, website URL, or social media handles to the back paper, at an added cost.

StickerApp vs Sticker Mule


Where Sticker Mule and StickerApp are Similar

  • Both offer free shipping in USA & Canada
  • Both offer low cost sample packs
  • Both claim to have durable, weatherproof vinyl stickers
  • Both offer free proofing

Which company you end up using is up to you: consider what fits best for your sticker goals. I hope this article helps in your decision making! Have any other questions about either company? Post in the comments below!


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