Grand Opening: The Kimposed Etsy Store

Grand Opening: The Kimposed Etsy Store

I’ve been wanting to put my artwork on Etsy for quite some time now, and as of a few days ago, I’ve finally taken the plunge. I opened my store.

Although the process seemed pretty straightforward when you decide to open an Etsy shop, but I wanted to become a legitimate business. So I had to get all of the legal and tax documentation out of the way, which means:

  • Getting an EIN
  • Filing a “Doing Business As” (DBA) Fictitious Name
  • Purchasing ad space at a local newspaper to announce the commencement of Kimposed
  • Getting a business tax license
  • …and all that other fun stuff

Once that was completed, it was smooth sailing! I scanned all of my works and the store was up and ready to rock within an afternoon. Check it out: the Kimposed Etsy Store

Go ahead, treat yo’self!

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