Behind-The-Scenes: Kimposed Apparel Photoshoot

Behind the Scenes Kimposed Photoshoot

2019 update: I'm no longer offering apparel, but I'm hoping to restart it in the future!

A couple of months ago, I launched the Kimposed apparel line. Seeing my artwork on clothing was fun and exciting, but the launched lacked the impact that I was hoping to get. I knew that I needed live model photography! I mean, people want to see how the clothes look on real people, am I right? 

So, I had to plan a photoshoot. By calling in a few favors from some of the creative and empowering women I've had a pleasure to connect with over the years, I was able to get everything on the calendar for a gloomy Tuesday afternoon in San Diego. Gloomy is apparently a good thing in the photography world, go figure! 

I totally lucked out when it came to my team.

Behind the Scenes Kimposed Photoshoot

Jen Kim from Jenk Food lent me her artistic vision and photography skills for the shoot. Her food blog photos already made me salivate, so I already knew she's got the "skills to pay the bills", but I was definitely blown away by not only the shots we snagged but also the awesome locations she found right in my neighborhood.

Behind the Scenes Kimposed Photoshoot

And my model! Kristen was a complete natural in front of the camera! With very little direction, she was a pose-master. Basically, she slayed it.

We took every single one of these photos in the alleyways and sides of buildings in a small neighborhood called North Park, in San Diego.

Behind the Scenes Kimposed Photoshoot

If anyone has input on where I can shoot next, I need to do a male model session soon! Let me know in the comments. 

June 11, 2017 — Kim Nguyen

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